This is a fan-made re-creation of the Wii Shop Channel. I'm Nathan Boehm, the creator of this website. This was made using the original source code for the Wii Shop Channel. When this is finished, each download page will take you to a Google drive containing every WiiWare game, Virtual Console game, and Wii Channel. Assuming you have the Homebrew channel and a WAD manager on your Wii, you can simply put the game on an SD card, pop it into your Wii, and play it!

This website is far from finished, and any help is appreciated. Join my Discord server if you wanna help out! (Link will open in a new window.)

I am well aware of the legal risk I'm taking by making this. If Nintendo requests, I will take this entire website down with no hesitation. I don't want any trouble with Nintendo, especially considering my love for the company and how they react to fan-remakes.

Thank you for visiting this website!

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