Your aim is to change the color of all hexagons to the target color. Maneuver your space ship around the pyramid of lighted blocks. When you land on a hexagon, it changes its color. Later levels require you to land on each hexagon several times. Avoid enemies! If you bump into an enemy on the same hexagon, you will lose one life! Note the whirlpools at the bottom of the pyramid. When you jump into them they bring you to the top of the pyramid. However, be cautious because if you miss the whirlpools and fall into the abyss below the pyramid, one life will be lost!
There are bonuses on some hexagons - collect them all!

Controls :

  • Select the hexagon to land on using the cursor and press to land on the selected hexagon.


  • Additional Life - You get an additional life.
  • Color change – All adjacent hexagons change color by one step.

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