Terra Conqueror

Your goal is to capture the required amount of an empty field. Capture chunks of the territory by outlining them with your spaceship trail. Don’t let the enemies bump into you or your trail, and avoid crossing your trail yourself – because you will lose a life. From time to time, bonuses appear all over the game field – try to get them before they disappear, as they will improve (or worsen) your abilities! To get a bonus you need to capture the chunk of a territory that contains the bonus.


  • Hold Wii Remote Horizontally.
  • Control your spaceship using .


  • Each enemy type can only navigate on a specific surface.
  • Can navigate through an empty field, and if they bump into you or your trail – you are destroyed.
  • Can navigate through a captured field and if they bump into you – you are destroyed.


  • Additional Life - You get an additional life.
  • Shield – Gives invulnerability for a short period of time.
  • Speed Up - Temporarily increases your speed.
  • Slow Down - Temporarily decreases your speed - avoid it!

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