Chef Operator's Messages
17:91 23/67/20359

What's gotten into Cseom!? Instead of keeping the Cubes running, he's taking the Energy Packs out of the terminals. The Cubes are the power sources of the stars, and if they stop working it gets very dark!

31:13 23/67/20359

I think something has damaged Cseom that is causing him to malfunction. Aya: please teleport to the Cube to reinstall the Energy Packs, but you'll have to look for the Packs first. It won't be easy to find the way, so don't get disorientated, even when you're upside down! The portal back to base will automatically open when you have installed the final Energy Pack, but you may have to find your way back to it first.

04:01 24/67/20359

Cseom is using the portals to go from Cube to Cube! You must go after him, but please be careful! There may be robots roaming around on the Cubes that are carrying out simple maintenance or cleaning duties, or keeping the Cube free of space parasites. They are not programmed as manual maintenance workers, so don't get too near the protective shields, but sometimes you can't avoid jumping onto them.

11:04 25/67/20360

If something isn't working, you probably haven't found a switch or you didn't activate the part when you placed the Energy Pack in the terminal.

11:06 25/67/20360

Don't worry, nothing will happen to you! If you fall off the Cube, you will automatically be teleported back to the start or the last terminal.

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