Results Screen
The Results Screen displayed when a game ends differs for each of the game modes.
  • Stage Mode Results Screen
    The Stage Mode Results Screen is displayed when a stage is cleared or all lives have been lost.
  • Stage Clear Screen
    The stage is cleared when all tentacles reach the required length. The following items are displayed on screen with three options to choose from.
NO DAMAGE Stage completed without sustaining any damage.
NO CYCLONE Stage completed without using a Cyclone.
ALL COMPLETED Both of the above achievements completed at the same time.
MENU Return to the Main Menu.
RETRY Restart the current stage.
NEXT Continue to the next stage.
  • Game Over Screen
    On the Game Over Screen, you can only choose between MENU and RETRY.
  • Endless Mode and Snake Mode Results Screen
    The Results Screen is displayed when all lives have been lost. Select MENU to return to the Main Menu or RETRY to restart the current mode.
SCORE The score you just achieved.
HIGH SCORE Your best recorded score.
MAX LENGTH The longest tentacle length achieved this play session.
Note: If either the tentacle length or score are the best recorded, they will be displayed in pink.
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