Game Modes
  • Stage Mode
    In Stage Mode, the aim is to lengthen all of your tentacles to the required length in order to complete each stage. Tentacles that have reached the required length will not grow further and do not break when touched by organisms of a different colour. However, you will still lose a life.
Note: There is no score in Stage Mode.
  • Endless Mode
    In Endless Mode, the aim is to lengthen two or more tentacles and achieve a high score. The number of points awarded for each absorbed organism increases with the length of your tentacle.
    Note: Progress in Stage Mode in order to unlock Endless Mode levels.
  • Waves and the Wave Meter
    Organisms appear in groups called “waves”. The wave meter consists of several white dots and indicates how many organisms need to be absorbed in order to reach the next wave. Each organism absorbed reduces the wave meter by one. The next wave commences when all of the white dots are gone.
  • Scoring
    Points are scored depending on the length of the tentacle used to absorb each organism. Furthermore, combos can be created by absorbing more organisms within a short time and without receiving any damage. Combos increase the points received by 2–5 times. For example, in the screen below:
    6(tentacle length) x 3(combo value)= 18 points.
  • Snake Mode
    In Snake Mode, the aim is to make a single tentacle as long as possible and achieve a high score. The rules are the same as in Endless Mode.
    Note: Snake Mode is unlocked after viewing the Results Screen in Endless Mode.
  • Translucent Part
    In Snake Mode, your organism has a translucent part which can destroy organisms on contact without causing damage to you. However, it is unable to absorb organisms or lengthen your tentacle.
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