● What Is Rotozoa?
Control your rotozoan and swim through primordial ooze in Art Style: Rotozoa. Absorb enemy goobugs to make your tentacles grow longer.

This game has three playable modes:

Grow the tentacles of your rotozoan to a particular length in each stage.

Grow the tentacles of your rotozoan as long as possible in order to achieve the highest score.

Achieve the highest score possible by growing one of your rotozoan's tentacles as long as you can.

About Saving
This game will automatically save your progress when you clear a stage, when the game is over, or when you make changes in OPTIONS. “Saving...” will be displayed on-screen during the save process.
If you would like to erase saved data, please see the Wii Operations Manual. Deleted data cannot be retrieved, so be careful.
*Only one save data will be saved.
Performing the actions below may result in your records not being saved or data being lost. This data cannot be recovered, so please be careful!
  • Turning off the power or resetting the Wii console or Wii Remote controller while data is being saved.
  • Disconnecting the AC adapter from your Wii console while the game is being played.
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