Game progress


Checking Your Progress


To check your Reputation Point count, your Rank, and how many Hint Coins you have, open Agent/Journal on the ACME Phone menu.


The case gets pretty complicated, so it’s good to have a record of what you’ve found out from your investigation. You can review everything you’ve done so far on the Journal tab.


Check the Messages tab to hear your messages again.



Catching the Villain


At last! You’ve managed to track down the villain! But now you have to catch him or her, before the chamber fills up with magma and the whole island is blown to pieces!



You chase the villain by jumping from platform to platform. You can move your game character left or right in mid air by using .


The villain has three lives. Each time you bounce off a platform and run into the villain, he or she loses a life. So you need to run into the villain three times to win the game.


To start, you have three lives as well. Every time you run into an obstacle you lose one life, and you slow down. If you lose three lives, you lose the game!


Trampolines give you that extra bounce, and that’s handy when you’re chasing villains!


Watch out for the platforms! Some move and some break!


Oh, and did we mention geysers? They blast from the wall and change your direction.


Good luck, Detective!


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