You can read comics in the Comics section of the Wario-Man Super Store.

● Comics Menu
Point at either of the two menu options and press .

·Wario-Man Publishing
Comics preloaded in WarioWare: D.I.Y. Showcase are made available here to read. Select a comic, then select .

·D.I.Y. Comics
This is where comics received in the Distribution Center are stocked. You can read them the same way you read comics from Wario-Man Publishing. Note that you can point at comics and press + to grab them and move them to different shelves or to different locations on the same shelf. You can store up to 72 comics in D.I.Y. Comics. To delete a comic, select it, then select .

*You cannot recover comics that have been deleted.

● How to Read Comics
Comics are displayed one panel at a time. Press to advance to the next panel.

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