The Games

At the beginning of each game, you will have the ability to choose the amount of credit that you wish to play. Be warned however that bankruptcy is always around the corner!

The Slot Machine

Play the game and get either a Joker, lucky 7, bars or Cherries horizontally or diagonally to win. The value of those symbols is shown on the upper part of the slot machine on screen. The best win is the Joker, followed by the “Lucky 7”, then the “Bar” and to finish, the “Cherry”.

To play :

    1- Select one of the buttons on the left to choose a win line.

    2- Pull the handle of the Slot Machine.

    3- Align the symbols to win... the jackpot!

The Roulette

In this game, the aim is to bet on the number the ball will land on.

You can bet on and win:

  • the exact number (to win 35 times your bet)
  • a row (3 times your bet)
  • Red or Black (twice your bet)
  • even or odd (twice your bet)
  • Numbers between 1 and 18 or between 19 and 36 (twice your bet)

To play :

    1- Chose to bet on number or numbers as described above.

    2- Place your bets before the time is up.

    3- The ball will land on a number as the wheel is slowing down...

The Black Jack

In this game, you must try and get the value of your cards as close as possible to 21 without exceeding it. If you achieve 21 or are closer to 21 than the Bank you will win 2.5 times your bet.

You are dealt 2 cards but ask for more to increase your total value. Cards have the following value:

  • The Ace : 1 or 11 points according to the situation.
  • King, Queen, Jack : 10 points.
  • 10 to 2 : as many points as the value of the card.

To play :

    1- Two cards are displayed in front of you.

    2- Each card has a value. Your goal is to not exceed 21 with the total of your cards.

    3- Ask a new card, double your bet or stop the game.

    4- If you are closer to 21 than the Bank, you win!

Beware of drawing too many cards and exceeding 21 otherwise you "Bust" and the bank takes all.

The Video Poker

This game is a version of Video Poker where several players can compete at the same time! Your goal is to have a better hand than the Bank on the upper part of the screen.

The winning hands in increasing value are as follows:

  • Pair (2 cards of the same value)
  • Two Pairs (twice 2 cards of the same value)
  • Three of a Kind (3 cards of the same value)
  • Straight (5 cards with successive values)
  • Flush (5 cards with the same color)
  • Full House (A Three of a Kind and a Pair)
  • Four of a Kind (4 cards of the same value)
  • Straight Flush (A Straight combined with a Flush)

To play :

    1- Look carefully at your cards and the cards of the Bank.

    2- The Bank is going to receive 4 more cards. If you think you will have a better hand than the Bank you have the option to bet more!

    3- If you have the same hand as the Bank, the next card with the best value will win the game.

And now, let the game begin!

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