Hitting a hazard will not only drain the ship’s energy, but also stun your ship. Once you run out of energy, your ship will spin out of control and you will have to start the level over! Some hazards to look out for are the following:



The main hazard in Evasive Space is the walls in any of the maze levels. Touching these will reduce some of your energy and stun your ship. Be careful though, if you do not have any energy, your ship will spin and you’ll have to start the level over.



Watch out for these spinning large rocks plummeting through space, they are your worst enemy in wide open space levels.



Turrets are often found in space ship and station levels. Watch out for these since they shoot out a varying degree of projectiles.



There are various door-like hazards strewn about the maze levels. With careful timing you can make it through unscathed. Some doors are controlled by switches, move your ship over them to activate a door.


Giant Gaseous Entities

Watch out for these large rotating gas balls. Hitting these will cause them to explode and stop your ship.


Radar Dishes

Be mindful of the waves emanating from both normal radar dishes and Doppler radar arrays (spherical towers). If your ship is caught in these waves, your controls will be momentarily skewed.

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