As you pick up Diodes across each level, you will work your way towards gaining a ship upgrade. Some of these upgrades require the use of energy to use them so be careful not to waste it! Pay close attention to the orange pips in your upgrade tracker, these will let you know which upgrades you have acquired:


1 - Inertial Field Generator – IFG

The Inertial Field Generator is a life saver. With the press of a button, surround your ship in a bubble of energy that not only wards off hostile enemy fire but momentarily safeguards your ship from collisions. Be careful though, using this can drain a lot of your ships precious energy!


2 - Gravitational Field Generator – GFG

Once your ship has been fitted with the GFG, energy cells and all manner of pickups can be more easily collected. Instead of having to physically touch each pickup by flying directly over it, the GFG will pull these items into your ship. Once acquired, the GFG works automatically requiring no additional energy to operate.


3 - Double Redundant Propulsion System – DRPS

Acquiring this upgrade will reduce the amount of time it takes to ‘re-lock’ on to your ship. This allows you to hit hazards and be back up to speed in no time.


4 - Teslic Engine Enhancement – TEE

The TEE is an efficiency upgrade providing a more sustained power output to the ships propulsion system.


5 - Ohmic Suppression Module – OSM

This module reduces the electrical resistance generated when providing power to the propulsion system allowing for increased acceleration.


6 - Zero-G Thruster System – ZTS

The ZTS enhances the performance capabilities of the player’s ship. In zero-G environments, the players will notice a marked increase in handling.

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