Energy Cells - Type I, Type II, and Type III

Energy Cells are what help power Konki’s ship. Without these, hitting level hazards will cause your ship to explode and you will have to start over. Collecting these will fill your Energy Meter. Type I gives you a small amount of energy, Type II a medium amount, and Type III a large amount.



Picking up these will help build your ship upgrades. If you missed one during your first attempt at a level, try going back into the level to collect the ones you missed.



This pickup will take time away from your level timer. Be sure to look out for Chronospheres, as they could be the fine line between finishing a level or timing out.


Stranded Spacers

During certain missions you will have to rescue valiant space travelers that are stranded in space.


Derelict Ships (tether-able)

Used for level objectives, these lost ships are found floating around space. Pressing Down on the + Control Pad will attach your tether to the ship, allowing you to drag it to a space station.


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