Uploading Your Fastest Level Time

After finishing a level, you will see a Mission Success screen. If you have placed in the Top 5 for the Local Leaderboard, pressing the A Button will take you to the Local Leaderboards.


On the Local Leaderboard, you may enter any 3-letter initials. If you placed #1 on your Local Leaderboard, you will see your score highlighted and a grayed out ship icon next to your time. You can choose to connect and upload your time by pressing the 1 Button. Once the top score is uploaded, the ship icon will be highlighted letting you know you have uploaded that score successfully.


If you placed in the Top 5 on the Online Leaderboard for that level, you will see the Top 5 displayed with your rank highlighted. If not, the 2 ranks above you will be shown, with your rank in the middle and the 2 ranks below you.


If you just want to view the Online Leaderboard for the specific level you are on without having to complete it, you may press the + Button to pause the game and press the 1 Button to connect. Be wary though, you will be quitting the level and lose any progress made in the level.


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