Controlling Konki

You Point, She Goes

Konki’s ship is controlled when you point at the screen with the Wii Remote and press and hold the B Button. The ship will accelerate towards the cursor. Aiming the cursor closer to your ship will slow the ship down while moving the cursor farther from the ship will speed it up. Letting go of the B Button will also stop the ship’s engines.


If you have energy in your energy meter and you hit a wall or hazard, your ship will lose some energy and stop momentarily. If you are out of energy when you collide with a wall or hazard, you will fail the mission and have to begin again. Otherwise, you have to wait a few seconds for your cursor to reactivate before you can regain control of your ship.


Wii Remote


Aim Cursor

B Button

Engage Engines

A Button

Activate Shield Upgrade

Down on the + Control Pad

Activate Tether


Maze Levels

Because of local gravity on a ship or planet, your ship will control normally.


Outer Space Levels

Due to Konki’s ship being out in open space, gravity does not apply. Your ship will keep more of its momentum.


End Level Portals

In most missions when players complete an objective they must find the end level portal. Konki’s ship computer will display a navigation arrow that will help you find the portal. Otherwise in most maze levels the objective is to find the end level portal so a help arrow will not appear.


Activating Shield

Once you acquire the I-Shield upgrade, press and hold down the A Button to use your shield. This will drain energy from your ship so be mindful of how much you use it.


Tethering Ship/Mines

Certain missions will require you to tether derelict ships or dangerous mines, ferrying them to other parts of the level. To do this, get close to a derelict ship or mine and press Down on the + Control Pad. If you want to un-tether it, press Down on the + Control Pad again.


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