Make a Card
Making a Card for the First Time
When starting this application for the first time, "Make a Card" will begin with a tutorial.
The tutorial covers the process of creating cards, creating messages, and sending cards.
Make a Card Screen
Instructions are scrolled at the top of the screen.
Point to something you don't know about, and instructions will appear there.
Create an Avatar
You can choose male or female.
[Head]: A hat can be selected.
[Body]: Select clothes.
[Costumes] : Select a costume that covers the Avatar from head to toe.
[Items]: Select items for your Avatar to hold.
Choose a Frame
Choose a background you like from the various types provided.
Each background has a frame. Pressing a switch on the frame will animate it.
Background Music
Select a song that will play when the recipient receives the card.
Pick up the musical note icon and drop it onto the card to play the song.
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