Game Flow


In BIT.TRIP CORE, there are unlimited lives--so long as one learns how to navigate among the four Modes.


Experienced players will earn higher scores and get fewer Game Overs by remaining in the highest Mode at all times.


The game starts in the Hyper Mode. From there, blast Beats to fill the Mega Meter and Mode Up. Once in Mega Mode, blast beats to Mode Up into Super Mode. In Super Mode, one missed beat will drop the player back down to Mega Mode.


Missing Beats fills the Nether Meter and can cause a Mode Down into Nether Mode where it is the last opportunity to avoid a Game Over.


Mode Up from the Nether Mode to get back into the action, or Mode Down to get a Game Over.



Experiencing the entire story and soundtrack requires "in-the-zone" concentration and deft hands.



Blast all Transition Beats in a formation to add another layer to the game's soundtrack and to progress the story told through the background imagery.


Miss a single Transition Beat in a formation to keep the current soundtrack and return to the background imagery just played.

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