Killing Babylonians nets you points, a score may even be multiplied if you frenetically use one power after the other to devastate your opponents. Be clever and proceed with strategy to get the best scores.
To check the scoreboards, go to the “Play” menu and choose the podium icon. There is a scoreboard for every game mode.
Through the trophy icon, you can access the trophy menu and see their descriptions.
Main Menu

Within the menu, you can also access the game tutorial and see an interactive description of the rules at any time.

Your scores, progress in Campaign mode are automatically saved at every moment. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about saving.
Your trophies will also be saved at the end of a game. You must imperatively finish a game before they are validated.
On the contrary, if you leave a game before you finish it, your progress will be lost.
If you see a saving symbol onscreen, please do not switch off your console while it is displayed.
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