First Steps
Start a game

(How to start a game, How to play, What’s saved…)

To start a game, go the “Play” menu and choose one of the game modes. Direct your pointer at the selected game mode and press the A button.
Game's modes

  • Classic Mode :

Once you’ve entered the game, the workers will start building the tower if you stay inactive. You must eliminate them with your powers.

Aim at a worker and press the A button to use the power. This way, you’ll be able to launch it quickly, frequently and with precision.
Place the cursor on the dark cloud top left of the screen and hold down the A button, then aim at the zone where you want lightning to strike by releasing the button!
Place the cursor in the wind zone, to the left center of the screen, hold down the A button and then move sharply to the right to where you want to start a storm while releasing the button A.
Place the cursor in the meteorite zone, top right of the screen, hold down the A button and move sharply downwards releasing the A button.
Place the cursor in the water zone, to the right center of the screen, hold down the A button and move sharply to the left while releasing the A button.
Wave your Wii Remote in all directions to unleash the Apocalypse upon mortals!
To prompt the power of the eye of God, press on the corresponding icon as soon as it lights up and is animated. Foolproof method!

Each of your 7 basic powers requires mana to be released. Mana is reloaded over time and the stronger the power, the more mana it will use up. The most efficient powers are therefore the ones that take longest to reload: so make sure you use them at the right moment.

Some of your powers have three reloading levels, others only one. You can see this on the buttons and therefore check their availability level. When the circle is one-third full, you can release the power at minimum strength, whereas a full circle means the power is at maximum strength.

  • Divine Mode :

Divine Mode is the same game mode.

It introduces two new powers: the red lightning and the burning bush, that you will use in the same manner as the others.

You will also discover bonuses to help you improve your score, stop time for a few seconds or reload one of your strongest powers instantly!

To activate a bonus, point at it with the Wii Remote and hold down the A button.

  • Campaign Mode :

Campaign Mode offers a series of missions to put your divine skills to the test.

A map shows you the various places where the humans are going to try to build their tower. You must fight them and win every battle, with different goals each time!

During these missions, you start off as a beginner god with little power and, thanks to your skills, you will be able to improve your powers and become invincible.

This screen shows the various improvements that are available for your powers.

  • Fury Mode :

Fury Mode introduces a variation on Babel Rising, in Hell! Fight little demons, but watch out: they are resistant to some of your powers!

A game mode for the worthiest gods.
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