Welcome to Babel

You are God! And, from your seat high up in the sky you notice that the humans are getting restless…and, are building a tower. A tower? To reach up to the skies? How vain, how dare they? It’s time to teach your creatures what it costs to defy their Maker!

Babel Rising is an action-reflection game that offers hours of exciting gameplay! The challenge is quite simple: release your powers and stop the humans from building the tower.

You will have six devastating powers to work with: from celestial lightning to tornados and even earthquakes! From the most basic to the most powerful, you must bend these powers to your will and combine them to boost their effects.

Divine power is at your fingertips: moving around the screen from top to bottom and left to right, unleash your wrath and eliminate all the men on every level of the tower.

Hilarious animations, careful graphic design, a soundtrack worthy of the best peplums…and humor always. But also, trophies to win, records to top and several game modes.
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