Getting Started
Select 530 ECO SHOOTER from the Wii Menu, then select START to go to the Title Screen. Point at menu items, and confirm by pressing or .

Select this to play the game. The game consists of three stages and a Challenge Mode. Initially, only the first stage will be available, but once a stage is cleared, the next one will become available. In Challenge Mode, you play through all three of the game’s stages consecutively.

Note: A short tutorial that offers basic game play instructions at the beginning of the first stage can be toggled on or off by selecting ON or OFF on the Stage Select Screen.


Select this to change the game settings. You can change the controls and adjust the height and sensitivity of the aiming crosshair. You can also view high scores and the staff credits here.

Note: The staff credits will only be available to select after you clear all three stages and Challenge Mode.

This game automatically saves your progress when you clear a stage. It also automatically saves any changes you make on the Options Screen.
Saved data can be deleted from Wii Options.
For more information, refer to the Wii Settings and Data Management section of the Wii Operations Manual – Channels & Settings.
When you play this game for the first time, a save file will be created before the Title Screen is displayed. One block of free space in the Wii System Memory is needed to save data for this game.
Note: Only one game can be saved at a time.

About Saving

Performing any of the following operations while using the save function may result in loss of save data or damage to the Wii console:
  • Pressing the POWER Button on the Wii Remote or the POWER Button or RESET on the Wii console while data is being saved.
  • Opening the HOME Menu and selecting Wii MENU or RESET while data is being saved.
  • Disconnecting the Wii Power Supply from the DC Input Connector or removing the AC Adapter from the mains.
Lost save data cannot be recovered, so please be careful.
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