Getting Started
Select Eco Shooter: Plant 530 from your Wii Menu, then select Start to go to the title screen. Press or to display the main menu. Point at menu items, then confirm by pressing or .
Start Game Select this to play the game. Initially, only the first stage will be available. Once a stage is cleared, the next stage will become available. The game consists of three stages and a challenge mode. In Challenge mode, you’ll play through all three of the game’s stages consecutively.

*Stage 1 includes an optional tutorial mode that offers basic game-play instructions. By default, this tutorial mode is enabled. It can be disabled by pointing at On (or enabled again by pointing at Off), then pressing or before selecting Stage 1.

Options Select this to change the options. You can change the controls, view high scores, view staff credits, and adjust the aiming-reticle position and sensitivity.

*You can only select Staff Credits after you clear all three stages and challenge mode.

About Saving
A message stating that save data is being created will appear prior to the title screen when you start this game for the first time. Point at OK, then confirm by pressing or .
One empty block is necessary to save your data. This game will automatically save your progress when you clear a stage or when you make changes in Options.
If you would like to erase saved data, please see the Wii Operations Manual. Deleted data cannot be retrieved, so be careful.
*Only one save data will be saved.
Performing the actions below may result in your records not being saved or data being lost. This data cannot be recovered, so please be careful!
  • Turning off the power or resetting the Wii console or Wii Remote controller while data is being saved.
  • Disconnecting the AC adapter from your Wii console while the game is being played.
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