Lumberjack Trials
  • Lumberjack Trials

    You will need to show your manly prowess in this accuracy/reflexes challenge! The Judge will evaluate your marksmanship as you try to hit the different targets he throws in the air. Use your wits to hit the right ones as accurately as possible.

  • Rules
  • Shoot at the targets thrown by the Judge, but you must only hit the correct ones!
    The black and white target is valid for all players.
    Colored targets are valid only for players of the same color.
    Skulled targets are to be avoided; a player that hits them will immediately lose a life.
    After each round, the competitor with the least points will be eliminated, and the remaining ones move away from the Judge to increase the challenge level.

  • Controls
  • Point at the screen with the Wii Remote, and swing the Nunchuk to throw axes.

  • Hint
  • Don't shoot at the skulled targets!

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