RC Buggy Madness
  • RC Buggy Madness
  • Beat your opponents in this RC Buggy race! Quickly collect batteries and rush back to drop them in your color zone. The RC cars only have capacity for up to five batteries, so you'll need to make frequent stops in your corner to drop them and get back in the competition. Rules: All RC cars may only carry up to five batteries, which must be dropped in the corresponding colored corner in order to score points. The more batteries you carry, more points you'll get.

  • Rules
  • Get as many batteries as you can! Everything else is allowed!

  • Controls
  • Use the Control Stick (left and right) to steer your Buggy, press to accelerate, for reverse and for turbo.

  • Hint
  • While using Turbo, you can ram into opponents' cars to steal their batteries! However, mind your steering: if you crash against a wall while using Turbo, you will lose your batteries instead!

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