Game Selection
After the Wrist Strap Reminder and game logos, you will be taken directly to the Game Selection Menu, where you are able to pick any of the games by aiming at their pictures. As you put your cursor over the game icons, these will illuminate and display the current highest score earned for that game. In order to play a game, press over a game icon. You will be taken to the player number selection screen, where any player may join in the match by pressing over the screen. Once all active players have been selected, press to start the game.

About Saving

Performing any of the following operations while using the save function may result in loss of save data or damage to the Wii console:
  • Pressing the POWER Button on the Wii Remote or the POWER Button or RESET on the Wii console while data is being saved.
  • Opening the HOME Menu and selecting Wii MENU or RESET while data is being saved.
  • Disconnecting the Wii Power Supply from the DC Input Connector or removing the AC Adapter from the mains.
Lost save data cannot be recovered, so please be careful.
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