ARCADE SPORTS consists of a selection of four fully featured classic arcade sports games including Air Hockey, Bowling, Pool and Snooker.


Standard Rules
Each player controls a mallet, and must hit the puck into their opponent’s goal. The first player to score 7 goals is declared the winner.


Each game consists of 10 frames of two turns. Try to knock down as many pins as possible to win the game. If you knock down all 10 in the first turn you will get a strike.


9-Ball is a ‘low ball first’ game, so the balls must be struck in ascending numerical order.  The goal is to pocket the 9-Ball which ends the game.

8-Ball (UK & US Rules)
The object of 8-Ball is to pocket all seven stripes or all seven solids (yellows or reds in UK rules), then pocket the 8-Ball. You can hit any ball (except the black) before the first pot. The first player to legally pocket a ball is assigned ownership of those balls. You must then pocket all of those balls then the black to win

6-Ball is 9-Ball but with only six balls. The goal is to pocket the 6-Ball which ends the game.


Snooker is played with twenty two balls with the goal of the game to outscore your opponent. Each red ball is worth 1 point and each coloured ball has varying point values. If you pot a red you must nominate a coloured ball to pot. Once all the reds have been potted play moves onto the coloured balls.

6-Ball is snooker but with only six red balls; all the game rules are identical to standard snooker.

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