How to play
Goal of the game

This game is structured in chapters.

In each chapter you have to complete a specific goal before the stress finishes you off.

You have a limited time to achieve this.

You will be told the goal at the beginning of each chapter.

If you do not remember it, press  to pause the game and you can read it again.


If your stress level exceeds the limit, you will faint.

If you have enough time, you can keep playing after losing some time recovering. You will also lose your points.

To avoid fainting, hit all the objects that you find. Some surprise objects will also relax you quickly.

End of the game

If time runs out, you lose the game and you’ll have to start that chapter again.


You’ll have constant hallucinations in the form of monstrous enemies that represent your phobias and fears. You must face off against them, hitting and dodging them.


You begin with a simple slipper. You’ll obtain other weapons as you advance in the story. Use them logically!

To use a weapon, just wave the Wii Remote as if you had the weapon in your hand.

If you have a throwing weapon, you don’t have to choose it beforehand. Press  or  and throw it with your Wii Remote.

Sometimes you’ll need to use a specific weapon to be able to continue advancing. The game will indicate this.

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