Screen indicators

• Time remaining

Watch the minutes and seconds you have left to complete the level. If you run out of time, you lose the game.

• Stress level

Keep an eye on your stress level. As time passes and you fight your enemies, it will constantly rise.

Hit everything you find in your path to lower it again!

If your stress level rises to dangerous levels, your vision will become blurry. If it finally exceeds the limit, you will faint and you’ll need a few minutes to recover.

• Possible routes

This indicator shows you the possible routes that you can follow. It corresponds to the Control Pad on your Wii Remote ().

If you are fighting an enemy, your only options will be to dodge to the left or right.

• Points

Breaking objects and eliminating your enemies will increase your points.

Every chapter retains the highest points obtained. To beat your own record, you need to finish the chapter without fainting, because if you do, you’ll lose all your points.

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