Game progress


Checking Your Progress


To check your Reputation Point count, your Rank, and how many Hint Coins you have, open Agent/Journal on the ACME Phone menu.


The case gets pretty complicated, so it’s good to have a record of what you’ve found out from your investigation. You can review everything you’ve done so far on the Journal tab.


Check the Messages tab to hear your messages again.



Closing in on the Villain


If you’re going to catch this villain, you need to know everything about him or her. The Information tab in Warrant on the ACME Phone menu has information about each of Carmen Sandiego’s V.I.L.E. sidekicks. Move your cursor to a villain and press to look at his or her profile.


The Clues tab holds the clues you’ve found about the villain. Before you can issue an arrest warrant, you have to use the clues to figure out who the villain is. The villain has left three clues around the world that will help you figure out who he or she is.


When you find all three clues, select the correct villain from the list of pictures. Then move your cursor to the Apply tab, and press to issue an arrest warrant.



Catching the Villain


Finally, you’ve managed to track down that villain!



Just because you’ve issued an arrest warrant doesn’t mean the criminal is going to give in without a fight!


To escape the villain’s lightning bolts, move the cursor on the screen.


Use your ACME shield to bounce the lightning bolts back to hit the clouds. But make sure the shield’s battery is charged!


To use your ACME shield, press on the Wii Remote.

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