Solving Puzzles


During your investigation, you’ll have to solve ten puzzles.


Follow the instructions for each puzzle on the screen.


When you’re doing a puzzle, if you want to hear the question and the instructions again, place the cursor on the Chief and press .


If you’re in the middle of a puzzle and you need to leave it, place the cursor on the X button on the top right of the screen and press . You can also press on the Wii Remote.


You can practice the puzzles through the Puzzle Index on the ACME Phone menu.


Each puzzle has three hints. The Hint button is on the lower left of the puzzle screen. Each hint costs one Hint Coin to open.


You start the game with three Hint Coins. You can use your Scanner to find more Hint Coins when you are at a city location. To use your Scanner, press on the Wii Remote.


You can replay hints for a puzzle at any time while you are still doing that puzzle.


Once you’ve read the hints, move the cursor and press anywhere outside the hint box. This will close the hint box and bring you back to the puzzle.


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