Game Screens and Rules

● Game Screens
This Online Manual uses Normal mode as the example game screen. The images presented here may vary according to the game mode you've chosen.

● Rules
Maneuver your keydron through gaps in the wall. If even part of the keydron touches the wall, it will break apart and you will lose your keydron. You have a limited number of keydrons.

*In Endless mode, you will have the opportunity to replace keydrons you've lost—watch for a green mushroom in a long tunnel and grab it!

 ・Game Over
If any of the conditions below in each mode are met, the game will be over. In Trick Challenge and Endless, the Results menu (→P.14) will be displayed.

Game Over Conditions

・All available keydrons have broken

・Can’t reach the goal within the time limit


・All available keydrons have broken

Trick Challenge

・Can’t achieve the trick (→P.13)

・Keydron is broken

About the Pause Menu

If you press during game play, the game will pause and the pause menu will be displayed.


Try again from the beginning with the same rules.

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