Selecting the Game Mode

● Mode-Selection Screen
If you select Start on the title screen, the mode-selection screen will be displayed. Select one of the game modes shown below.

You must clear the stage by going through a fixed number of gaps in a limited amount of time. As you clear stages, more stages will become available to you to select the next time you play.

Get your keydron through as many gaps as you can and aim for a high score—there is no time limit. The game ends when you run out of keydrons (→P.11).

 ・Trick Challenge
It's not enough to merely slip through the gaps; you must perform a trick (→P.13) at each gap. Also, there is a boss wall at the end of each level—get past it to proceed to the next level. If you can't complete a trick or if your keydron runs into the wall, the game ends.

 ・Keydron Tutorial
You can learn more about the game modes, controls, and techniques to get a higher score in the Keydron Tutorial. Select the topic you want to learn more about and then any of the lessons in the topic. When you complete a lesson, a checkmark will appear next to the lesson.

*A lesson may not be available until you complete the lesson above it. If you opted to skip the tutorial when starting the game for the first time, all the lessons will be available.

*The example in Lesson 2 and Lesson 3 shows a sample of play only. You cannot control the keydron while watching the lesson.

Note that for both Lesson 2 and Lesson 3 of the Keydron Tutorial, you must watch the example before you can proceed to the other lessons.

 ・Keydron Memories
This allows you to play or delete the replay (→P.14) you saved. Select the replay data, and select Play or Erase data.

*Once data is deleted, it can’t be retrieved, so please be careful.

When playing for the very first time, you are given the option to view the tutorial or to play immediately. If you choose to view the tutorial, Normal and Endless modes cannot be played until Lesson 2 of the tutorial has been completed. Similarly, Trick Challenge mode won't be available until Lesson 3 has been cleared.

● Mode-Settings Screen
If you select Normal, Endless, or Trick Challenge, the mode-settings screen will be displayed. Select the items available (such as Keydron, Background, and Stage) with up/down on or , and use left/right to adjust the settings. Select Start to begin playing with the settings you've chosen.


Select a type of keydron.


Select a background.


Select a stage to play. (A stage can be selected here once you've completed it in a previous game.)


This is displayed when Endless or Trick Challenge is selected, and it sets the level of difficulty. You can choose up to 20, but you cannot choose a level that you have not yet completed in a previous game.

*As the game progresses, the number of keydrons, backgrounds, stages, and levels you can choose from increases.

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