Getting Started

● Starting the Game
The first time you begin the game, it will automatically create a save file and ask you whether you would like to view the tutorial or jump right into the game. If you select to view the tutorial, it will require that you complete the tutorial before accessing other areas of the game. If you skip the tutorial, all modes will automatically be unlocked and you can begin playing the regular game, view the leaderboard, or learn how to play (→P.11). If you have any saved-game data, ThruSpace will automatically read the data and proceed to the title screen.

● Title Screen
If you press any button after starting the game, the title menu will be displayed and you will be able to select from the following options.


Proceed to the mode-selection screen (→P.10) to select from various game modes.


This allows you to check the high scores and world leaderboard of each mode.

How to Play

This allows you to confirm how to control your keydron with each controller. Switch the controller type by pressing right or left on or .


Return to the title screen.

*If you looked at the game explanation when you started up the game for the first time, the ranking will not be displayed until you complete Lesson 2 in Keydron Tutorial.

 ・About High Scores and the World Leaderboard
You can check the high scores and world leaderboard for a variety of game modes and keydron types. To select the ranking you wish to view, press up or down on or . To change the settings, press right or left on or .

High Scores

Here you can check the high scores you recorded in each game mode. You can also select Submit Score to connect to Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection and register your high score on the world leaderboard.

*You cannot reregister a score once it's registered.

World Leaderboard

Here you can check the top 10 rankings. When you play the first time, select Update Leaderboard, connect to Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, and obtain the high scores. If you register your score in World Leaderboard, you'll be able to check your own rank on the Leaderboard.

About Saving the Data

Data from high-score records or game progress is automatically saved. However, replay data can be saved by pressing during replay (→P.14).

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