Share Aquarium Mode

Select "Share Aquarium" from the Main Menu to enter Share Aquarium Mode.

You can view aquariums received from Wii Friends and also send Wii Friends your aquariums.

View Aquarium

Displays a list of aquariums received from Wii Friends, located in the Wii Message Board.

Select and confirm the aquarium you would like to see from this list.

Data from aquariums received is stored in the Wii Message Board and cannot be deleted by players.
Furthermore, if the Wii Message Board becomes full, the oldest data may be deleted.
Send Aquarium
A nickname list of those registered in your Wii address book is shown.
Select a Wii Friend to send an aquarium, and then confirm.
* For details on how to register Wii Friends to your Wii address book, please refer to the Wii Operations Manual.

Select the icon number of the aquarium you want to send, and then select "Send" to deliver it.




* There may be a slight delay between when you send an aquarium and when it arrives.


* You cannot send aquariums containing fish or objects purchased through Add-On Content.


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