Aquarium Design Mode

Select "Aquarium Design" from the Main Menu to enter Aquarium Design Mode.

Choose from different parts to create your own aquarium.

Floor and Objects

Place different objects in your aquarium like rocks, seaweed, coral, sand, etc. Select "Aquarium Object Movement" to move or remove objects in an aquarium.

You may not be able to add objects if you have too many objects in your aquarium, or if an object is too big for your aquarium.

● Placing Objects
Use to move an object front / back / left / right.
When you have decided on a location, press the confirm button.
To place an object, use the overhead camera. To check the object's position in Main Screen view, press Down on to switch the camera.
To return to the Object Placement screen, press Up on .

Weight Meter increases every time you add an object. When it becomes full, you cannot add any more. You will then have to remove something before you can add anything.

● Move or Remove Objects
Select an object to move, and use to move it front / back / left / right.
Once you've decided where to place the object, press the confirm button again.

Select an object to remove, then select the Trash Can to remove it.
Glass, BG, and Lights

Decorate the glass, set a background theme, and select the lighting setup.


Background lights can be used with any degree of lighting. They will illuminate only the background. Their colors cannot be switched.

Set Special Date

You can set up to 3 special dates per aquarium on which the fish will perform a special dance.
Select "Confirm" to approve those special dates.

Remake Aquarium
Remake the aquarium being displayed. Aquariums may be either S, M, L, XL, or XXL in size, but you can only select a new size when remaking an aquarium.
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