Getting Started
  • Basic Rules

    Balloons are arranged in a variety of ways and you have to pop them with the darts that you are given in each level. Some levels have special kinds of balloons and blocks that may help you or make the puzzles more challenging.

  • Completing Levels

    Each level has a minimum number of balloons that you must pop. Popping that number of balloons unlocks the next level. You can choose to play with an unlimited number of darts, but you can't unlock levels this way.

About Saving

Performing any of the following operations while using the save function may result in loss of save data or damage to the Wii console:
  • Pressing the POWER Button on the Wii Remote or the POWER Button or RESET on the Wii console while data is being saved.
  • Opening the HOME Menu and selecting Wii MENU or RESET while data is being saved.
  • Disconnecting the Wii Power Supply from the DC Input Connector or removing the AC Adapter from the mains.
Lost save data cannot be recovered, so please be careful.

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