Add-On Content

While Just JAM includes a wide variety of Jams in the main game, even more content is available for purchase and download through the Add-On Content menu.

Jams are the add-on content used by Just JAM. You cannot play Just JAM using downloaded Jams alone. Many Jams can be downloaded within Just JAM. Wii Points are required to download Jams. (This involves a fee).

Free space is required in Wii system memory to download Jams. If there is not enough free space, either delete unnecessary save data in Wii system memory or move it to an SD Card. You can also create free space by removing downloaded Jams using the DELETE button in the Manage Jam AOC menu. Deleted Jams can be re-downloaded at any time for no charge.

To see previews of add-on content before purchasing, visit the Nintendo Channel and search for "Just JAM" to view videos demonstrating each new set of Jams.

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