While live jamming is great fun, Performances are a way to preserve, edit, replay, and share your favorite works in Just JAM. After every timed jam session you will be given the option of saving your performance to the My Performances menu. From there you can rename your performances, replay and edit them in any Venue and with either control mode, or share them by exporting to a Wii Remote to share with friends.

When replaying a performance you will see a new set of controls. Each bank will have a recording button added to it. Each recording button will be off when the performance starts, and that bank will play back the performance exactly as it was recorded. Activating a recording button will turn on recording for that respective bank. Do this by using the Wii Remote pointer and or indirectly by toggling a loop or starting a one-shot in the bank associated with the recording button will turn on recording for that bank. While recording is enabled all track events from the previously recorded performance will be ignored and the bank will behave just like it would in a new jam. Disabling recording using the Wii Remote pointer and will make the bank resume the recorded performance.

Performances can only be saved from timed jam sessions, not Unlimited duration jams, so are limited to five minutes in length. There is also a limit of 300 events (every transition, regardless of the number of tracks involved, uses a single event) per saved performance. This should rarely be a problem (it would require more than one event per second over a five minute performance), but is something to keep in mind in case you get really wild with your jam. If this limit is reached the message "Performance Full" will appear on the screen. After this point you can keep jamming like normal, but any more changes you make will not be recorded if you save the performance.

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