Every time you play a Jam you will accumulate XP in your profile. The more XP you earn, the more Jams and Venues you will unlock.

Scoring is based on a few principles that are key to good sounding and interesting Jams: timing, complexity, variety, and overall sound. Keeping these principles in mind while you play is the key to earning big scores.

Timing is about starting and stopping tracks on-beat. The loop length indicator displays where you are in the looping cycle. Making transitions right on the quarter marks will earn the most XP. Making transitions at one-eighth timing directly between the quarter marks will yield a slightly smaller bonus. You can tell when you will get an on-beat bonus by watching the loop length indicator's color. When it changes from orange to red, that's the time to jam!

Complexity is determined by the number of tracks involved in each transition. Anyone can toggle one track at a time, but to earn the big XP you need to toggle multiple tracks in one shot.

Variety is about using different tracks as the Jam progresses. It's easy to turn a few tracks on and off quickly, and with advanced techniques even big transitions can be strung together with ease. However, if all you do is switch back and forth between the same sets of tracks the sound can get old quickly. Using different tracks throughout your Jam will keep the music fresh and the scores big.

Overall sound is judged by the number of tracks playing and the full set of banks and tracks used. Even without making new transitions, XP will accumulate based on the set of tracks currently playing. Too few or too many tracks will build XP more slowly than a more balanced number, and keeping a variety of banks and track positions involved is key.

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