Freestyle Controls

The second available control style is called Freestyle. Freestyle is for faster and looser jamming and is ideal for fast transitions. In Freestyle mode there is no grid. Instead, each bank is arranged on its own panel, with the first four tracks in each bank arranged like the four main directions on and , with the fifth track placed in the middle.

The basic Freestyle action requires three steps. First, hold down and sweep the cursor through the set of banks containing the tracks to be modified. These banks are now selected and will light up orange. The previous set of selected banks will be cleared when is first pressed.

Second, highlight the tracks to be activated within the selected banks by pressing and holding the directions corresponding to the tracks on the , , or both in combination. Pressing diagonally can highlight two tracks at once. Highlight the fifth track using or . By using both hands and diagonal directions, any combination of the five tracks in each bank can be highlighted.

Third, swing either the Wii Remote or Nunchuk down to trigger the transition. Highlighted tracks will be activated (or stay activated, in the case of looping tracks that were already playing), while unhighlighted tracks within the selected banks will be muted.

There are a few variations on this technique. Swinging the Wii Remote right will only activate highlighted tracks without affecting unhighlighted tracks. Swinging the Nunchuk left will only mute highlighted tracks, again without affecting unhighlighted tracks.

You can also toggle single tracks independently by using the Wii Remote pointer and pressing the . This toggles individual loops or one-shots without having to highlight any banks, much like in Mixing Board.

Because Freestyle gesture controls are very fast to perform, large transitions across multiple banks can be done very quickly. Freestyle also has the benefit of not needing a large Instrument Panel since the controls are primarily button and gesture based, needing the pointer mainly for selecting banks. For this reason there is the option to switch to a mini-HUD interface instead of hiding the Instrument Panel completely when pressing in Freestyle. The mini-HUD allows you to see the full visual effects of the Venue in the background while keeping full ability to control the Jam. The mini-HUD feature is on by default, but can be turned off in the Options Menu.

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