Mixing Board Controls

Just JAM's first control style is called the Mixing Board. All 25 tracks are arranged in a grid with the different Instrument Banks arranged horizontally, and the tracks within the banks arranged vertically.

Getting started with the Mixing Board is a snap. Just use the Wii Remote pointer and to toggle looping tracks on or off or to start one-shots. It's that easy! This simple control makes Mixing Board an excellent introduction to Just JAM.

Once you master the basics of the Mixing Board control scheme, there are some great advanced techniques you can try:

You can stop a one-shot before it finishes automatically by holding while pressing .

To toggle more than one track at a time you can use and tags. Using to toggle tags, to toggle tags, and to smart toggle or tags on looping tracks based on the current state of the track. Then activate all of the tags at once by swinging the Wii Remote or Nunchuk down in a "Strum" gesture. Hold when you Strum and the tags will be reversed instead of disappearing after the transition, allowing you to string together several big transitions in a row. Tags can be cleared using .

To more easily toggle multiple tracks at once you can use the Bank and Row buttons. The Bank buttons display the instrument type above each bank, while the Row buttons are located to the left side of each row of track buttons. Using , , and on the Bank or Row buttons is just like using that same button on every track in the bank or row at the same time.

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