Common Controls

Regardless of which set of controls you choose there are several common elements.

At the top of the screen is the Timeline. The Timeline displays the elapsed time for your Jam, as well as the time remaining for any timed Jam.

To the left of the Timeline is the Loop Length Indicator. This displays the progress of all loops. Use the Loop Length Indicator to start and stop loops and trigger one-shots on beat by timing your actions to when the indicator is within the circles at the quarter marks. Timing actions at the eighth positions (directly between the quarter mark circles) is good too. Playing tracks on beat and in rhythm makes good sounding music, and scores the most XP.

If you ever want to hide the controls and just watch the Venue you can press to toggle the visibility of the main controls.

When you want to finish your Jam you'll want to fade it out smoothly. The FADE button under the MENU button will fade the Jam out over 3 seconds and bring it to an end, giving you the chance to save the performance for later playback and editing.

If you need to pause the game there are two ways. The first is activating the MENU button to the right of the Timeline using the Wii Remote pointer and . You can also use . From the Pause menu you can Restart the Jam from the beginning or Finish it immediately, skipping directly to the save screen. You can also select View Controls to see a listing of all of the specific controls available for the selected mode.

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