About Psyche-Locks

Witnesses hold secrets within their hearts.
But through the power of the "Magatama" that you will obtain, you can "see" those secrets.
These are known as Psyche-Locks.
In order to resolve your case, you must break these Locks.

Finding Psyche-Locks

If you hit upon a topic a witness really doesn't want to discuss, one or more Psyche-Locks will appear.
A lock symbol will appear on a topic that is under Psyche-Lock.
Until you break these Locks, you won't be able to obtain any more information from this person.

Breaking Psyche-Locks

Present the "Magatama" to the witness to start unlocking the Psyche-Locks.
Evidence and profile data will be your weapons in this battle.
Present correct pieces of evidence and/or profiles to break the Locks.
Break all the Locks and new information is yours.

On the Path to Breaking Psyche-Locks
  • Caveat 1
    Remember how many Locks appear -- they tell you how deeply buried this secret is.
  • Caveat 2
    Be careful when unlocking secrets.
    Mis-steps will work against you.
  • Caveat 3
    Know when to back off. If you don't have the necessary proof, you'll need the courage to stop.
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