The Balance Test

Here you can measure your centre of gravity and see how good your balance is. Place yourself with knees slightly bent and both feet evenly spaced, on the Wii Balance Board for 30, 60 or 90 seconds to measure the distribution of your centre of gravity. Try to avoid putting weight on your toes or leaning forwards with your upper body in order to move your centre of gravity. During the measurement your centre of gravity should stay in the middle and move as little as possible. Ideally the ellipse should be small and centred.

Alternative Uses
You can also stand on one leg and test yourself to see how your centre of gravity behaves in a one legged stand. It's also interesting to do your own exercises (e.g. Tai Chi) while measuring your body's centre of gravity with the Wii Balance Board.

Tip:Winning belts with the one legged stand gets really difficult if you try it with your eyes closed. But this is only for real pros!
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