Daily Test

You can choose from four game modes in Daily Test. There are two basic tests: Brain Test and Stress Test. Two additional tests are Kid Test and Senior Test.

Brain Test

In the Brain Test, you will be tested in five mini-games, chosen from the Logic, Math, Memory, Visual, and Focus categories.

Stress Test

In the Stress Test, you will be tested in four mini-games from the Multitask and Physical categories. These tests will be chosen randomly from the two categories. After the Stress Test, your coach will give an evaluation of your stress degree. A low stress degree means you have less stress, and a high stress degree means you need to find some way to release your stress.

Kid Test and
Senior Test

Just as their names imply, they are aimed at testing kids and seniors. The mini-games in the Kid Test are simple and clear and the mini-games in the Senior Test have bigger images.


After the Daily Test, you will see the change in your brain capacity. The coach will also provide an evaluation.

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