Next you will select a lure. Different lures work best for different types of fish. Floating lures work best for smaller fish that swim high in the water, while sinking lures work best for fish that stay near the lake bottom. Diving lures can float in shallow water when reeled slowly or dive deep when reeled quickly.

Lures are also divided into different skill levels. Novice lures attract fish across a wide range of reeling speeds, but lack tension capacity for pulling in the biggest fish. Expert lures have larger tension capacity and better attraction at ideal reeling speeds, but will do a poor job attracting fish if reeled too slowly or quickly. Expert lures also use faster Casting Meters than Novice lures, making it more difficult to maximize cast distance. Intermediate lures lie in between Novice and Expert level.

Each profile starts with only one Novice lure, the Crankbait, which can be used to target any depth but will struggle to pull in larger fish. Once additional lures are unlocked, pressing and before casting will cycle through the available lures.

During gameplay you can pause the game and select View Lures to read descriptions of available lures. Locked lures will display the steps required to unlock that lure.

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