Once you will have caught some fish, you will have the opportunity to put them in your aquarium.

To learn how to catch a fish, go see the “How to Play” section.

Looking at your Aquarium

Your Aquarium will always be displayed in the back of the menus of the game, as long as you are not in the world map, playing or in the Pause menu.

If you want to watch only your aquarium, point your Wii Remote outside of the screen, and all menus should disappear.

If you want to return to the game, point your Wii Remote back at the screen and the menus will reappear.

Add and Removing Fish

You can have up to 20 fish in your aquarium.

To add or remove a fish, go to the Aquarium section of the Main Menu. Select the fish you want to add or remove from the list. This will lead you to the Fish Data page. All information regarding the fish will be present in his Data page. You will be able to learn more about this type of fish, know how many you have caught so far, and how many you have in your aquarium. In the Data page, select the Add icon to add a fish, or the Remove icon to remove one.

You can only add a fish if you have first caught it, and you are limited to the amount of fish you have caught. If the aquarium is full, you will need to remove a fish before being able to add a new one.

You can only remove a fish that is present in the aquarium.


As you progress through the game, you will receive rewards. These rewards will be used to decorate your aquarium.  These beautiful decorations will be a constant reminder of your success in the game.


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