How to Play
Catch different species of fish from around the world. Explore 6 different regions located in the Atlantic, Indian and Pacific Oceans. Each region offers you 5 unique fishing spots, each populated with many fish. Place the fish you catch in your aquarium and enjoy the relaxing view anytime you want.


The goal of the game is to catch as many different fish as possible in order to put them in your aquarium.  They are hiding all around the Atlantic, Indian and Pacific Oceans and you need to explore them all in order to catch every fish.

How to Play

In order to play, select any levels you have unlocked in the World Map.

You can control the Pocket Sub’s movement by holding your Wii Remote vertically towards the screen. By moving left and right, you can make your Pocket Sub move in the same direction. However, the Pocket Sub can’t move up and down or he’ll scare the fish.

In order to catch a fish, you need to launch a Bubble at it. If you manage to get the fish in the bubble, use your tractor beam to retrieve it! Once your tractor beam is activated, you can control the bubble’s movement by moving your Pocket Sub: the bubble will follow it left and right until it reaches the top of the screen.

In-Game Controls

A Button

Shoot a Bubble /Recover a Bubble

B Button

Show the score

+ Button

Display the Pause Menu



In order to activate the propellers, you need air. In order to shoot your bubbles, you need more air. Therefore, you can only stay afloat in a level as long as you have air remaining in your Air Tank.

You can always see how much air you have left by looking at your Air Tank on the Pocket Submarine. You air will get reduced as time goes by. Shooting a bubble will also use some air. However, remember that you can get back some air by recovering one of your bubbles, whether it is empty or not.

How to succeed

Each fish is represented by a value in Stars, showing their rarity and the difficulty to catch them. A goal will be presented to you at the beginning of every level. In order to complete the level and unlock the next one, you need to catch enough fish to fill the stars in the goal.

You can only keep the fish you manage to catch when you succeed in reaching the goal of the level.


If you reach your goal before the end of the time limit, you will be able to aim for a Perfect! Try to catch every fish remaining in the level before time runs out.

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