The Conversation Room

After starting a conversation in the Lobby, you and the other members of your group will go to the Conversation Room, where your Miis will appear. (If you have no Miis selected, or there are none registered on the Mii Channel, will appear instead.) You can perform the following actions in the Conversation Room:

 Speak with Friends
When you speak, your voice will be picked up by the microphone and ripples will appear around your group of Miis. Your friends will hear your voice, but you will not hear your own voice through your TV.

 Talk Big
Point at one of your Miis and press to make that Mii larger.

 Change Voice
Pressing will activate the voice changer, which will change the voices of you and your conversation partners. The background colour and ripples will also change. The effect will last for about 20 seconds before returning to normal.

To mute the microphone and sound from your TV, and take a temporary break from the conversation, press . The microphone icon will switch from to , your Miis will turn around and your conversation partners will not be able to hear you.

Press again to turn off the mute function.

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