Starting a Conversation

Follow the steps below to begin a conversation. A maximum of four users (each with a separate Wii console) can participate in a conversation at the same time.

 Conversation Requests
If the person you want to speak with isn’t currently using the Wii Speak Channel, you cannot ask them to speak to you. Try arranging a time to speak beforehand.


Making a Conversation Request

Go to the Lobby and select the Wii Friend you want to speak with. If a conversation is already in progress, you will need to ask the host if you can join (see: “12. Joining a Conversation”).

Note: After starting the Channel, it may take a few moments for you and your Wii Friends to be displayed with the “OK To Talk!” status in the other user’s Lobby.


Confirming a Conversation Request

After selecting your Wii Friend, a confirmation screen will appear. Select YES.


Receiving a Conversation Request

A confirmation screen will appear on the screen of the person you sent the request to. This person can accept or decline your request by selecting YES or NO.

If the person who received the conversation request selects YES, all parties will appear in the Conversation Room and the conversation can begin.

To adjust the volume during a conversation, use left and right on . If you adjust the volume on the TV instead, it may result in echoing or other audio problems.

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